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This is your first day in your 13 days Moroccan tour starting from Casablanca; it will begin by picking you up from your Marrakech airport where you be greeted upon your falling into.
Then, we will be driven you to your hotel. You can have a liberated time to walk around the city and its charming night.

(Remember this day can be deleted if you choose to start the tour directly from the airport or your hotel and make it 12 days tour)


Today will be the heroic day of this 13 days tour; we will carry on our way, during DADES valley having a break in “Tinghir” to the Todra valley. Tinghir is one of the most gracious city in Morocco for visitor from varied place, that come to have some knowledge about its culture and people way of living , what make this city a tombstone place is its green oasis and TODRA GORGE, we may beat up under the 300 m high red slopes. We can see that the way is positioned between two vast mountains. In addition, following lunch we will drive to visit Erfoud city which situated in mid-east, for about 70km to Errachidia, what blow the visitors of this city is the splendor of its landscapes, and the calm that is featuring with, and the beauty of its green oasis, it is the capital fossils of the region. It embraces Season Dates every year, until we appear in Rissani which is well-known on its hot weather, we can have a talk with people there, they are hospitable and humble, and also we can drink Desert Tea in Rissani city. At the end of seeing these places. We will drive towards the town of Merzouga. While arriving, camels will be coming up for us for a unique camel ride. You will be greeting with a goblet of mint tea and we will help you secure a scarf around your head to get the “local feel”. After a beaker of mint tea you’ll have the time to calm down and feel the desert serenading you in the riad, you can take a walk in Merzouga village in the end of this exiting day you will climb bar feet the dunes to admire one of the best sunsets in the world. Overnight in your riad.


While sun rising, you will find yourselves at the apex of one of the largest sand dunes in Morocco; especially in Merzouga, using camels for more than 30 minutes , the jewel of the desert, that show the way to Moroccan people discover the treasure of their country. It is a paradise on earth that buried in the middle-east, you will find yourselves living an outlook!!!, a gold color of the sun, mixed with the yellow gold color of the sand, bringing a warm weather with it that sending a kind of feeling t can be explained as love, craving, longing, missing …; that is the sunrise in Merzouga desert, a singular moments that sculpture in our visitors head. After you will find yourselves exploring the area of MERZOUGA village, the earth of Middle Eastern. After you will visit the Gnawa individuals, initially from Mali, Senegal and Sudan in their village Khamlia, where we can augment our knowledge about their music and their way of life in the SAHARA. Furthermore, we will drive across the desert area to meet up nomad families, talking them an learning about their lifestyle the lunch of the day will consist of a historical and traditional Berber junket (Berber pizza) which is known as ALMADFOUNA people of the town. On the same, we will have the opportunity to visit the old city of Rissani which is bounded by for about 360 ksar, nearly village that is not in the center of this small city visiting also its major souk. Once to Sijilmassa the city of AL ALOUIIN, that built in his hand the civilization of the Moroccan country, was a meeting point for the MALAH traders, afterwards will drive back to Merzouga. After a nomadic welcoming in glass of mint tea, You will mount your camel, guided by a skilled camel man to explore the mysterious sand-sea of the Erg-Chebbi and luxuriate in the beauty of the Sahara Desert while riding on the Camels going by the to investigate the most highest sand dunes in Morocco, and to see the sundown. A caricature pictures of the magic nature. At your nomad tents you’ll have time to relaxant finally; you will have dinner in front of the camp, where you may spend your first nighttime in the tent or underneath the stars. Keep in mind at your demand we can fetch Berber nomads musicians to play traditional music with thumps and dancing around the campfire. For your convenience, our camp is equipped with western bathrooms and showers. Ends of your 13 days of this tour from Marrakech.

DAY 4 : Merzouga-Khamlia-Nomade Families-Merzouga

We wake up early for to see the Sunrise over the dunes. We return by camels to the hotel. Here you’ll have a lovely breakfast and you can take a shower. After this we get on the road to discover the region of Merzouga.  We start in Khamlia. Here we visit the Gnaoua people, originally slaves brought from Mali. You’ll get the opportunity to listen to their Gnawa music and learn about their culture and lifestyle. With the 4×4 car we will discover the nomad’s lifestyle. We will visit local nomad families who live in tents around the Erg Chebbi dunes.  You’ll have lunch with locales in Berber village.  After this we bring you to your accommodation where you can spend the free afternoon on your own. You can explore the town or the dunes next to the hotel to see the sunset. Dinner and the night are in the hotel.


In the fourth day, we will wake you up early in the morning to see, feel, and love the pinnacle world ranking sunrise that will be entrenched in your mind .then you will get back to the village of Merzouga admiring the unique beauty of the spectacular Erg Chebbi sand dunes. Following your breakfast, you will leave for fes through ziz valley, first Erfoud the capital city of fossils that organize the DATES SEASON yearly. Then the Ziz Gorges provide a rocky passage and the OuedZiz brings to Tafilalt oasis. Passing by Errachidia that we are going to have a lunch in enjoying Berber hospitality Our trip continues alongside the trailing edge of – Azrou – which through the Cedar forest the largest woods in Morocco at the Middle Atlas, for about 89km south the city of Fez to Azrou that situated in the heart of the Middle Atlas, for about 89km south the city of Fez, Azrou is named due to the word AZROU, an AMAZIGH word that means STONE, this explains the existence of three stones that made the cities of Atlas a tourist city par excellence, we mention: Stone of the city of Azrou, it is in the entrance of the city, overlook and control, at its summit a large crown that appears from afar. This stone is also known as AKASHMIR. Our next stop will be IFRAN, this city known as Switzerland of Morocco, nearly to FEZ city, . IFRANE means caves in AMAZIGH. Ifrane attracts many visitors with its waterfalls, green nature, and European character they may come to skiing or sniping. In late afternoon you will be driven to FES for the night in our Hotel/Riad.


After eating breakfast we will examine the city of Fes, the second biggest city of Morocco, it was a hub of the Jewish community during the past historical times, in addition to being one of the majestic cities, and it is worth mentioning that this city is currently a World Heritage site according to UNESCO classification. The city of FEZ is a charming old city for its visitors because it is an authentic Moroccan architectural characters, also this city is characterized by mosaic art, embracing among its monuments ancient Roman ruins. We will start visiting all the yummy sites which has a cultural and historical interest as well as the first university in the world the University of AL –Karaouine the oldest in the region and in the world according to the UNESCO, in this university we will find that it hug the Mosque of AL-KARAOUINE which is the second largest mosque in the country, and both of them situated in the Old City. We will progress to the TANNERY as well, so FEZ is famous on producing leathers, we find that the TANNERIES of SHWARARA is one of the famous tanneries in FEZ. After taking lunch, you will discover the best school ever of studying Islamic, the BOUANANIA SCHOOL built during the reign of the MARINIDS, a witness of the MARINIEN architecture in Morocco. DAR AL –BATHA also a place worth visiting which situated in the old city. It was turned into a museum in 1915 including many artifacts. After that another place that deserves visit is the ROYAL PALACE or DAR AL MAKHZEN when u see it u will travel back cross ages because it is characterized by giant doors made of brass and gold. After that we will observe that the day is about to end and the night cast down its darkness so that we will move to the center to NEW FEZ to have a drink and to have some fun with people there and see their night living before going to the hotel or to the RIAD to have dinner and to get some rest in preparation for the next day.


Subsequent to fast and light breakfast you will be ambitious to Volubilis, that is one of the historical monuments in Morocco, close to Meknes city about thirty kilometers. Many civilizations approved by, but ROMAN one had a great influence in it. And what attract people to this city is the great wall with its eight doors and some watchtowers that built with a ROMAN touch. That place is got the history starts for Morocco. We will go in front to Meknes which placed in the north of Morocco an imperial city famous for its imperial past that exists since Morocco was monarch by the Alawite dynasty that governed it. The mausoleum of SULTAN MOULAY ISMAIL made it the capital in the 17th century. His imperial past has remains such us the splendid gateway of Babb el-Mansour a huge door with vaults and mosaic tiles. To the south, the Sahrij Souani also called Norias Basin is a large pond of water accumulation 319m long and 149m wide its depth exceeds two meters, and it is built by Moulay Ismail to irrigate the gardens of Meknes and its water reserve for the medina. The city of Meknes is rich in several places worth seeing as MAUSOLEUM OF MOULAY ISMAIL, BAB MANSOUR EL ALEUJ, EL HDIM SQUARE that you may want to have a walk in seeing singers, snakes, dancer … Following lunch you will be driven to Moulay Idriss Zerhoun three kilometers from Meknes. A city in northern Morocco was built upon the rocky hills at the base of Mount Zerhoun. It took his name from the founder of the IDRISSID state Moulay Idriss 1. MoulayIdriss, A city is built upon the rocky spurs of the Khyber and Tazga hills, with the buildings tumbling down the slopes dramatically. For the faithful, this is an important pilgrimage center and an annual religious festival in August .At the end of this exciting day you will be driven to CHEFCHAOUEN.


Following breakfast we will find ourselves surveying Chefchaouen that has a Spanish style, It was a traffic point and road between Tetouan and Fez, it was colonized by Spanish in 1920 and to be free with Moroccan independence. This delightful city abounds with white and blue dyed houses, which give a sense of harmony, relieve. This city contains several ancient districts, such us the KASBAH a deeply fortress that got an epic garden, a beautiful Museum, and an art gallery, SOUIKA…that deserve seeing then moving to waterfall of Ras el-Maa to get invigorated. Because this city is one of the touristic countries in Morocco, it is rich with craft stores, fancy restaurants and cafés after seeing the sundown that captivates souls. The night will be spending in a local riad.


After breakfast we will take the way to Rabat and Casablanca through RIF’s Mountains enjoying the beautiful seeing, rich our knowledge by knowing more about its people and their traditions and way of living fighting with time to reach Rabat, seeing the Tower Hassan which was built in 12th-century in the time of JACOB the MANSUR period of the ALMOHADS, where this historical parameter was added in the initial list of World Heritage, it is a minaret of an incomplete mosque and to see the Kasbah which was built in the 12th-century by ALMOHADS also. This fortress was built with an ANDALUSIAN-STYLE, and what make the KASBAH a place to visit is the monuments that make it up such us JAMAA AL ATIQ mosque, the military work of BORJ SQALA, the royal residence of the ALAWIT DYNASTY and the PRINCELY HOUSE erected to the west moving to the capital of the commercial economic of Casablanca that is located in mid-western of Morocco about 95km south Rabat. It is the greater and largest city in Morocco. Following breakfast we will start discovering Hassan 2 mosque; the second largest mosque in Africa and his cell is the second largest in the world, situated above the Atlantic ocean which made him a great achievement of morocco architecture. After we will move to Place Mohamed V which is the heart of the administrative province of Casablanca where old government built. Finally you will be driven back to our riad for the night.


Today we are going to leave Casablanca toward ESSAOUIRA through the road to the coast, while admiring the views of the Atlantic taking the way to El Jadida that was known as MAZAGAN this ancient medina was established in 1513 by the Portuguese afterwards we will reach EL OUALIDIA a coast city in the west of Morocco where you can relish delicious seafood enjoying the magical beauty of their coast. We will continue our way to ESSAOUIRA after lunch, but first through SAFI; city of fish and ceramic it is an ocean town. According to IBN BATTOUTA description to SAFI that is positioned upon the Atlantic Ocean between EL JADIDA and ESSAOUIRA cities SAFI is the first city that built in Morocco in the 11th century B.C. by Phoenicians, it was hold the name of BERGHWATA in the time when the Pharaoh civilization flourished in the east and one of the biggest human wonders and the elegant civilization in the world that is name Atlantis city or TIGALIN as it is famous in Morocco and which is ruled by Romans for hundred years B.C. soaked off KAP BDOUZA coast in SAFI also. RAS ALAFAA, the station of riding weaves one of the touristic stations that we can see or visit. We’ll get overnight at our local riad in Essaouira.


ESSAOUIRA, a country that was inhabited by ancient civilizations such us the ROMANS, and PORTUGAL, and its 18th-century seaport fortress – UNESCO World Heritage. That is famous For its active winds most of the year so that It is called “the city of the wind” . And known by the festival of “Gnawa music”, where several musical clubs come from diverse parts of the world. We’ll depart for Marrakech. There is an occasion to visit the women’s cooperative of Argan oil while this one is famous for its cooking, makeup and medical properties. After quite a few stops to take photographs, you will keep on your travel to Marrakeh stopping in the route to take many pictures of the SOUSS. Before checking into your Riad. After dinner you will enjoy walking in the famous square of Jemaa El fna, entertained with magicians, story tellers, musicians and snake charmers. Overnight be in a Medina based Riad.


Marrakech dangle all the uniqueness that made it one of the most finery touristic cities, and with our local guide you will explore the red city of Morocco; Red Marrakesh could be the town that shows all of Morocco’s arresting culture and charm. Although JAMAA EL FNA and the KOUTOUBIA mosque which built in 12th century are one of the most prominent facial appearances in Morocco, particularly in the city of MAKKARECH, there are many other attractions worth seeing as well, and our guide will make you discover that. You may want getting around the back streets of the old town enjoying talk with MARRAKECH people; there are too funny and humble, and you may want to visit the Majorelle Garden that contain a blue villa with flowers of different types, it was left as a gift to Marrakech by the French painter Jacques Majorelle. Discovering MARRAKECH souks after lunch Afterwards we can take a moment for lunch. you may have time to discover the captivating souks( native markets ) it is the town’s star attraction you mustn’t miss the Babouche (shoes) Souk, Chouari (carpenter’s) open-air market, El-Attarine (perfume and spice) souk and the Cherratine (leather) souk and the narrow alleys around the Djemâa El-Fna square where we can have some fun with people listening to their jokes, we can enjoy taking pictures with snakes in the evening, Marrakech become another world at night you will be shocked when seeing singers, narrators, dancers, and acrobatics of people and monkeys before going to the RIAD for night.


Today, depending on your departure time, we will drive you to the airport for your departure flight or any other place you choose.



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  • 1 night in desert camp
  • Camel ride

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