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This is your first day in your 17 days Moroccan tour starting from MARRAKECHa; it will commence by picking you up from your Marrakech airport where you will be greeted upon your falling into.
Then, we will be driven you to your hotel. You can have an unconventional time to walk around the city and its charming night. Night and dinner will be in RED city of MARRAKECH
(Remember this day can be deleted if you choose to start the tour directly from the airport or your hotel and make it 16 days tour)

Bear in mind that this day can be erased if you decide to start the tour directly from the airport or your hotel and make it 14 days tour


Marrakech swing all the exclusivity that made it one of the most finery touristic cities, and with our local guide you will explore the red city of Morocco; Red Marrakesh could be the town that shows all of Morocco’s arresting culture and charm. Although JAMAA EL FNA and the KOUTOUBIA mosque which built in 12th century are one of the most prominent facial appearances in Morocco, particularly in the city of MAKKARECH, there is many other magnetisms worth seeing as well, and our guide will make you ascertain that. You may want getting around the back streets of the old town enjoying talk with MARRAKECH people; there are too hilarious and unassuming, and you may want to visit the Majorelle Garden that contain a blue villa with flowers of different types, it was left as a gift to Marrakech by the French painter Jacques Majorelle. Discovering MARRAKECH souks after lunch Afterwards we can take a moment for lunch. you may have time to discover the captivating souks( native markets ) it is the town’s star attraction you mustn’t miss the Babouche (shoes) Souk, Chouari (carpenter’s) open-air market, El-Attarine (perfume and spice) souk and the Cherratine (leather) souk and the narrow alleys around the Djemâa El-Fna square where we can have some fun with people listening to their jokes, we can enjoy taking pictures with snakes in the evening, Marrakech become another world at night you will be shocked when seeing singers, narrators, dancers, and acrobatics of people and monkeys before going to the RIAD for night.


After breakfast in the red city of Morocco, the cheerfulness city of Marrakech; we will ahead toward Casablanca the capital of the commercial economic of Casablanca that is located in mid-western of Morocco about 95km south Rabat. It is the greater and largest city in Morocco. Following breakfast we will start discovering Hassan 2 mosque; the second largest mosque in Africa and his cell is the second largest in the world, situated above the Atlantic Ocean which made him a great achievement of morocco architecture. After we will move to Place Mohamed V which is the heart of the administrative province of Casablanca where old government built. We will continue our tour moving towards Rabat, seeing the Tower Hassan which was built in 12th-century in the time of JACOB the MANSUR period of the ALMOHADS, where this historical parameter was added in the initial list of World Heritage, it is a minaret of an incomplete mosque and to see the Kasbah which was built in the 12th-century by ALMOHADS also. This fortress was built with an ANDALUSIAN-STYLE, and what make the KASBAH a place to visit is the monuments that make it up such us JAMAA AL ATIQ mosque, the military work of BORJ SQALA, the royal residence of the ALAWIT DYNASTY and the PRINCELY HOUSE erected to the west. Night at a nice picked local riad.


After breakfast we will take the way moving from Rabat on the way to Chefchaouen through RIF’s Mountains enjoying the beautiful seeing, rich our knowledge by knowing more about its people and their traditions and way of living crossing via Wazan a handsome small city that includes amazing panoramic views that mingle the beautiful look of green nature, and the clarity of the blue sky .After many stops to take pictures or just enjoy the views, we should get to chefchaouen at afternoon to get the first contact of this lovely city. The night at a nice picked local riad


Next breakfast we will find ourselves surveying Chefchaouen that has a Spanish style, it was an interchange point and road between Tetouan and Fez, and it was colonized by Spanish in 1920 and to be liberated with Moroccan independence. This pleasant city abounds with white and blue dyed houses, which give a sense of harmony, relieve. This city contains several ancient districts, such us the KASBAH a deeply fortress that got an epic garden, a beautiful Museum, and an art gallery, SOUIKA…that deserve seeing then moving to waterfall of Ras el-Maa to get invigorated. Because this city is one of the touristic countries in Morocco, it is rich with craft stores, fancy restaurants and cafés after seeing the sundown that captivates souls. The night will be spending in a local riad.


When taking breakfast in CHEFCHAOUEN under a beat of romantic warm weather we will start our sixth day by driving early on towards Volubilis passing through Wazan and many other Rif’s mountain towns. This Berber city is one of the historical monuments in Morocco, lock to Meknes city about thirty kilometers. Many civilizations passed by, but ROMAN one had an immense influence in it. And what pull people towards this city is the great wall with its eight doors and some watchtowers that built with a ROMAN touch. It is the history starts for Morocco. Afterwards we will drive to Meknes city passing via Moulay Idriss Zerhoun three kilometers from Meknes. A city in northern Morocco was built ahead the rocky hills at the base of Mount Zerhoun. It took his name from the creator of the IDRISSID state Moulay Idriss 1. Until we arrive Meknes we will have lunch in, After that we will explore Meknes city; which positioned in the north of Morocco, a royal country known for its imperial past that exists from the time when Morocco was ruler by the Alawite dynasty that governed it, it was built in the 17th century, after we will discover the memorials of this city and his royally past that has remains such us the splendid gateway of Babb el-Mansour an enormous door with vaults and mosaic tiles. To the south, the Sahrij Souani also called Norias Basin is a large pool of water accumulation 319m long and 149m wide its depth, after we will visit MOULAY ISMAIL’S HOLY PLACE, and we can have a walk on LHDIM SQUARE watching narrators and singers before driving from Capital ISMAILIYA Meknes to Fez city where we are goings to pay the night, specially at one of its overwhelming RIAD.


When eating breakfast we will examine the city of Fes, the second biggest city of Morocco, it was a hub of the Jewish community during the past historical times, in addition to being one of the majestic cities, and it is worth mentioning that this city is currently a World Heritage site according to UNESCO classification. The city of FEZ is a charming old city for its visitors because it is an authentic Moroccan architectural characters, also this city is characterized by mosaic art, embracing among its monuments ancient Roman ruins. We will start visiting all the yummy sites which has a cultural and historical interest as well as the first university in the world the University of AL –Karaouine the oldest in the region and in the world according to the UNESCO, in this university we will find that it hug the Mosque of AL-KARAOUINE which is the second largest mosque in the country, and both of them situated in the Old City. We will progress to the TANNERY as well, so FEZ is famous on producing leathers, we find that the TANNERIES of SHWARARA is one of the famous tanneries in FEZ. After taking lunch, you will discover the best school ever of studying Islamic, the BOUANANIA SCHOOL built during the reign of the MARINIDS, a witness of the MARINIEN architecture in Morocco. DAR AL –BATHA also a place worth visiting which situated in the old city. It was turned into a museum in 1915 including many artifacts. After that another place that deserves visit is the ROYAL PALACE or DAR AL MAKHZEN when u see it u will travel back cross ages because it is characterized by giant doors made of brass and gold. After that we will observe that the day is about to end and the night cast down its darkness so that we will move to the center to NEW FEZ to have a drink and to have some fun with people there and see their night living before going to the hotel or to the RIAD to have dinner and to get some rest in preparation for the next day.


When eating breakfast at the city of FES we will go throughout Atlas Mountains, the best mountains cuffs in Morocco until we pull in to IFRAN, this city known as Switzerland of Morocco, nearly to FEZ city, . IFRANE means caves in AMAZIGH. It attracts many guests with its cascades, green nature, and European character they may come to skiing or sniping. Our thrilling trip continues, but this time via the Cedar forest the largest woods in Morocco at the Middle Atlas, for about 89km south the city of Fez to Azrou that situated in the spirit of the Middle Atlas, for about 89km south the city of Fez, Azrou is named due to the word AZROU, an AMAZIGH word that means STONE, this explains the existence of three stones that made the cities of Atlas a tourist city par excellence, we mention: Stone of the city of Azrou, it is in the entrance of the city, overlook and control, at its summit a large crown that appears from afar. This stone is also known as AKASHMIR. Afterwards taking the way to Midelt, that is famous on producing apples, we will discover its monuments enjoying its appealing weather continuing our way to visit the hideous Tiz Ntalghamt pass and the Ziz Gorge, pleased the view of the High Atlas Mountains viewing Tafilalt Oasis. Until we reach the city of Errachidia that we are going to have a lunch in enjoying Berber hospitality. Moreover we will pass through the rich Ziz Valley, stopping at various stations to relish the view and take pictures en route to Erfoud and Rissani; ERFOUD the capital city of fossils that organize the DATES SEASON yearly, we will have a look to OULAD CHAKER oasis when we are in our way to RISSANI, Sijilmassa once upon time. In the afternoon, we will find ourselves at Merzouga Desert, where we will be welcoming by a glass of mint tea before riding on camels to esteem one of the best sunsets in the world before leaving to your riad where we will have traditional dinner and stay at our luxury desert riad.


This is the day of exploring our lifestyles, we will wake you up early so that we can scale the top of one of the peak sand riding one of the caravan camels so that we will see the sunrise, not any sunrise but this is an unusual one which captivate our visitors souls before coming back to have a light breakfast in your riad. This day you will be our company in our birth land. We will take the way around the dunes going to the oasis of MERZOUGA, to the African village; the nomadic pool, KHAMLIA village you will see the Gnawa people, to try their music and way of living. Nearly there is the LAC of Merzouga, with its bird populations, and then we will have the opportunity to visit the old city of Rissani which is surrounded by for about 360 ksar, nearly village that is not in the center of this small city. Once to Sijilmassa the city of AL ALOUIIN, that built in his hand the civilization of the Moroccan country, was a meeting point for the MALAH traders it was the assembly place for the salt caravans, coming from Mali. Here you’ll walk through the souk, selling spices, vegetables and cloths. At lunch time you can have a local pizza which is EL MADFOUNA EL FILALIA, a delicious one; it is a traditionally eat for those people. After lunch we will drive back to MERZOUGA where you will have free time to swim and relax smiling the warm weather receiving the sensation of SAHARA, before you ride on your camels guided by an experienced camel man to investigate the mysterious sand-sea of the Erg-Chebbi enjoying the magical beauty of the Sahara desert, see it, feel it, and love it. At your tents you will have time to refresh and enjoy the sunset over golden dunes. Words can hardly describe the simple, profound and breathtaking magic of seeing the sunset over the golden sand. Lastly, dinner will be taken in front of the camp, where you will pay your first night under canvas – or if you prefer, under the stars watching stars chining in the darkness .We can bring Berber nomads musicians to play traditional music with drums and dancing around the campfire. For your expediency, our camp is operational with western bathrooms and shower


Your beige guide will get you up early to survey the sunrise over the leading dunes in Morocco. It’s an experience that printed in our visitor’s heart. Later you will hike back with our camels to the village of Merzouga. On the way you will be able to realize the beauty of the spectacular Erg Chebbi sand dunes. Changing shapes with the light as the day progresses. After breakfast and hot shower, we will leave towards DADES Valley taking the way into Rissani,Erfoud; both of them was an ocean in the past, they are the capital cities of fossils arriving to Tinghir showing the traditional rural life of this region, a beautifully constructed houses dotting the landscape of the largest oasis. The most welcoming city in Morocco for tourists from various place, that come to have some knowledge about its culture and people way of living , what make this city a monument place is its green oasis and TODRA GORGE, they are the highest, narrowest gorges in Morocco we may knock around under the 300 m high red slopes. We can see that the way is situated between two huge mountains. Lastly we will continue our traveling through DADES VALLEY enjoy watching the sunset on TSSIDRINE road at the valley seeing rock development hugging the sun producing a magical encaustic, that we can name it “The monkey Toes production” and a lot of many landscapes of BERBER villages. In the night, we will stay at a fancy traditional guesthouse with the views of the Dades valley with dinner and breakfast


After taking breakfast, we will drive towards DADES VALLEY through KALAA MAGOUNA, city of rose which is famed on its flower festival to purchase the rosewater, and a lot of cosmetics local products. Continuing to SKOURA and the bird’s VALLEY, SKOURA which is situated in the Over elaborate Middle side, this town consist of concaves and convexes, it is a mountainous city, and the Mountains of TICHOKT is the highest one for about 2796m, this city replete with important wealth water such us KIKO VALLEY, AMDAZ VALLEY, AIN TADOUTH…, in tourist this city is rich with MARZ WATERFALL, TAFERDOUST place, TAGHROUT site, a mosque that was built before FEZ city for about 40 years that has very old records. Moving to KASBAH AMERIDIL where the main skins are the mud element Kasbahs especially the Kasbah of Ameridil, a well-plotted Kasbah in this area. After some hiking in the valley and after taking lunch in one of the best restaurant that is overlooking to the whole valley, the tour will continue to Ouarzazate, a city that established in 1920, as a passage door for AFRICAN traders going to Europe and North Morocco it is known as Hollywood Africa where many famous movies filmed there. Here you may choose to visit the studios, containing props used in movies, you may have already seen, such as The Mummy, Gladiator. And you will have a free chance to see THE Kasbah Taourirt a Hollywood backdrop (Sheltering Sky, Gladiator, and Prince of Persia) and in the RIAD we will spend the night


When eating breakfast at Hollywood Africa, place of movies we will move towards Taroudant via TAZNAKHT as the rug village having a stop at TALIOUINE to visit the Saffron cooperative. You will have the chance to meet the Berber women with their families cropping the saffron in their meadow if your visit corresponds with the Saffron harvest. The afternoon must find us in Taroudant where you will walk within the small passages in the Medina concealed by wonderful red-mud walls, and with the snowcapped peaks of the High Atlas signaling beyond. Babb Taghount is the easiest way into the Medina and its two major souks: The Arab Souk, east of Place Assarag and the Marché Berber, south of Place Talmoklate. Taroudant is often referred to as “the little Marrakech” because most of its walls were built by the Saadian dynasty in the 16th century before they moved to the great “Red City”. Overnight housing will be in a local Riad ends of the first week in Morocco


After waking up and eating breakfast in the city of ESSAOUIRA, we will travel through Agadir where we will pause for lunch. In your way you will obtain to watch the striking of the nature of SOUSS MASSA. Once in Agadir known as being one of touristic cities in Morocco, it embrace a lot of touristic landmarks and clean beaches, living atmosphere fun of traveling in MARINA gulf, and enjoying the beauty of Agadir with a Panoramic view from the top of OFLLA that dominant on Agadir city on GZIRA beach, also visit the zoo of crocodiles, the first n Morocco, adding discovering of the old city. Agadir is a great base for excursions and day trips into south Morocco. Ongoing to Essaouira, the coastal route presents beautiful outlook, an area famous for the Argan (Moroccans traditionally use un-roasted Argan oil to delight skin sickness, and as a cosmetic oil for skin and hair). Along the way you will see groups of goats climbing the Argan trees in the mission for riper food .Your overnight accommodation is at a Riad in the Medina.


After breakfast in your RIAD at ESSAOUIRA, a country that was inhabited by ancient civilizations such us the ROMANS, and PORTUGAL, and its 18th-century seaport fortress – UNESCO World Heritage. ESSAOUIRA offers to you many monuments to see and discover, such us; AL MALLAH also known as the Jewish Quarter or the merchants of the sultan, you will be thankful when our guide take you to the ISLAND of MOGADOR small island located near the city, it is one of the most important Phoenician sites, you’ll visit the Skala Fortress, this bastion offers picturesque views over the fishing port and the Île de Mogador, the port, Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah Museum a fusty museum has a small collection of jewellery, costumes, woodcarving and weapons from the region. You’ll get to walk through the alleys of the medina and past the hundreds of handicrafts. Essaouira is thought for its active winds most of the year. You can enjoy the festival of “Gnawa music”, where several musical clubs come from diverse parts of the world. That day you may have lunch in a very Moroccan manner, or u can have a gridiron of fish. In the late afternoon, you may want to have a walk and explore by yourself and sit to feel the romantic magic of town, and u may choose to walk on Moulay el HASSAN Square that have an attractive location overlooking to Atlantic Ocean, the sunset there casts in the self a sense of love, romance, and tranquility . Overnight accommodation is in Riad within the Medina. Today you will have lunch in a Moroccan way, bought fishes ‘cooked to order’. In late afternoon you are free to walk and explore by yourself and sit to feel romantic magic of the city. Overnight lodging at our Riad in the Medina


In this day, we will let Essaouira traveling to Marrakech. There is an occasion to visit the women’s cooperative of Argan oil while this one is famous for its cooking, makeup and medical properties. After quite a few stops to take photographs, you will keep on your travel to Marrakeh stopping in the route to take many pictures of the SOUSS. Now you are in Marrakech and this is your first contact with Marrakech you’ll get to fell and see with your own ayes what attracted many personalities to this red city. After dinner you will enjoy walking in the famous square of Jemaa El fna, entertained with magicians, story tellers, musicians and snake charmers. Overnight be in a Medina based Riad.


When eating breakfast in your local riad at Marrakech city, we will drive you on the route to the village of Ansi and the village of Imlil in the center of the High Atlas Mountains. Here you will enjoy the pretty views through the gorges of MoulayBrahim and the village of Imlil, a small Berber village with a strong culture well preserved for centuries. You’ll have the opportunity to ramble in the villages and skill the real Berber culture and life. If you chose to have lunch at the Kasbah Toubkal you’ll get the view of the Toubkal Mountains, the highest in North Africa is quite breathtaking. In the afternoon, you’ll travel back to Marrakech. We’ll enjoy Overnight in our Hotel/Riad.


Today, depending on your departure time, we will drive you to the airport for your departure flight or any other place you choose



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  • 1 night in desert camp
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