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When you arrive we will meet you at Casablanca airport or your hotel. Your transporter will supply you with a short redaction of the six days morocco tour when visiting Fes, Chefchaouen and Tangier.

Here we are, your first tour will start from Casablanca. This city is located in mid-western of Morocco about 95km south Rabat. It is the greater and largest city in Morocco and it is her principle city of commercial. The first thing to do here is visiting Hassan 2 mosque; the second largest mosque in Africa and his cell is the second largest in the world, situated above the Atlantic ocean which made him a great achievement of morocco architecture. The second moving is to Place Mohamed V which is the heart of the administrative province of Casablanca where old government built. When seeing that we will take you to the administrative capital; RABAT to see the Tower Hassan which was built in 12th-century in the time of JACOB the MANSUR period of the ALMOHADS, where this historical parameter was added in the initial list of World Heritage, it is a minaret of an incomplete mosque and to see the Kasbah which was built in the 12th-century by ALMOHADS also. This fortress was built with an ANDALUSIAN-STYLE, and what makes the KASBAH a place to visit is the monuments that make it up such us JAMAA AL ATIQ mosque, the military work of BORJ SQALA, the royal residence of the ALAWIT DYNASTY and the PRINCELY HOUSE erected to the west .when finishing your first day you will drive back to your RIAD for night.


In the second day you will complete a tour, and to do that you have to wake up early in order to take your breakfast at your hotel. After taking your fast and light eaters you will be driven to Volubilis, it is one of the historical monuments in Morocco, close to Meknes city about thirty kilometers. Many civilizations passed by, but ROMAN one had a great influence in it. And what attract people to this city is the great wall with its eight doors and some watchtowers that built with a ROMAN touch. That place is got the history starts for Morocco.

When discovering the BERBER city of Volubilis we will go to Moulay Idriss Zerhoun three kilometers from Meknes. A city in northern Morocco was built upon the rocky hills at the base of Mount Zerhoun. It took his name from the founder of the IDRISSID state Moulay Idriss 1.

Nearly of Moulay Idriss your next stop will be Meknes which located in the north of Morocco a royal city famous for its imperial past that exists since Morocco was ruler by the Alawite dynasty that governed it. The mausoleum of SULTAN MOULAY ISMAIL made it the capital in the 17th century. His imperial past has remains such us the splendid gateway of Babb el-Mansour a hug door with vaults and mosaic tiles. To the south, the Sahrij Souani also called Norias Basin is a large pond of water accumulation 319m long and 149m wide its depth exceeds two meters, and it is built by Moulay Ismail to irrigate the gardens of Meknes and its water reserve for the medina. The city of Meknes is rich in several places worth seeing as MAUSOLEUM OF MOULAY ISMAIL, BAB MANSOUR EL ALEUJ, EL HDIM SQUARE that you may want to have a walk in after the end of this inspiring day before you go to the RIAD.


By the beginning of the third day, when you take your fast breakfast at your HOTEL OR RIAD, you will start the next tour by driving one hour from the capital ISMAILIA to the scientific capital the spiritual city of Fes, the second largest city of Morocco, it was a center of the Jewish community during the past historical times, in addition to being one of the imperial cities, and it is worth mentioning that this city is currently a World Heritage site according to UNESCO classification. The city of FEZ is a charming old city for its visitors because it is an authentic Moroccan architectural characters, also this city is characterized by mosaic art, embracing among its monuments ancient Roman ruins.

We will start visiting all the yummy sites which has a cultural and historical interest including the first university in the world the University of AL –Karaouine the oldest in the region and in the world according to the UNESCO, in this university we will find that the Mosque of AL-KARAOUINE is located in he is the second largest mosque in the country, and both of them situated in the Old City. We will move to the TANNERY as well, so FEZ is famous on producing leathers, we find that the TANNERIES of SHWARARA is one of the famous tanneries in FEZ.

After taking lunch, you will discover the best school ever of studying Islamic, the BOUANANIA SCHOOL built during the reign of the MARINIDS, a witness of the MARINIEN architecture in Morocco. DAR AL –BATHA also a place worth visiting which located in the old city. It was turned into a museum in 1915 including many artifacts. After that another place that deserve visite is the ROYAL PALACE or DAR AL MAKHZEN when u see it u will travel back cross ages because it is characterized by giant doors made of brass and gold.

After that we will observe that the day is about to end and the night cast down its darkness so that we will move to the center to NEW FEZ to have a drink and to have some fun with people there and see their night living before going to the hotel or to the RIAD to have dinner and to get some rest in preparation for the next day.


After waking up actively with a new insight and passion you will take your breakfast in your hotel, our guide will drive you to Chefchaouen via Rif Mountains opening the opportunities of great photographic to take u pictures  , after many stops at your recommendation we’ll reach chefchaouen for lunch in a real Moroccan restaurant.

Here we are after having lunch our guide will start the tour in Blue Chefchaouen. This is one of the famous and favourite cities in Morocco. Short and so flat to discover, with a paths in blue and white color that distinguish this city from the others.

Your guide will pick you to the Kasbah a tardy repaires walled fortress that now contains a popular garden, a squab by ethnographic Museum, and an even shorter art gallery.

Be on mind that every part or every wall of this city is an attraction and a pulling that will make you wandering from one place to another before enjoying the lovely sunset of the city. After that we are going to drive to our Riad for the night.


The fifth day come, so when you finish your breakfast you will have a walk in bleu Chefchaouen at the morning seeing the sun lamp descend among that narrow paths of the city making the blue color sparking and delight. It was a trade route between Tetouan and Fez, and served as a base for the curbing of Portuguese, after it was colonized by Spanish in 1920 and to be independent with the independent of Morocco. This charming city abounds with white and blue dyed houses, which give a sense of tranquility, comfort, and his beauty which attracts tourists from all over the world. This city contains several ancient districts, such us the KASBAH, SOUIKA…that deserve seeing then moving to waterfall of Ras el-Maa to get refreshed  before driving via Rif’s mountains to Tetaouen the “white dove” city with of Andalusia character located in the northwestern part of the kingdom of Morocco  where the Artisanal School is and this is a charming opportunity to have a look on masters teaching apprentices traditional arts .when you take lunch you will continue discovering Tetaouen sights and monuments at the end of the day you will run over the coast road to TANGIER stopping along the lovely beaches watching waves hug the sun at sunset after going to the center for the night in hotel/riad.


This is tangier yes, a cool air breeze as the rustle of snakes, you will take your breakfast and

Afterwards you will visit TANGIER. One of the Moroccan cities located in the north of Morocco, specifically on the Mediterranean coast. It enjoys a strategic location, because it is the geographical point from which the White Sea meets the Atlantic and Africa with European. You can visit KASBAH TANGIER a historic castle where the visitors can see Spain and Gibraltar through it, because it is the highest geographical area of the city. It include the KASBAH MUSEUM, was a palace of the Sultan, dating back to the seventeenth century AD where u can know every think you want about Tangier. And Café HAFFA that is frequented by the most prominent celebrities in Morocco and abroad, it is a stone terrace with seats and tables of the café which is looking to the sea.

Afterwards the guide will drive you to ASSILAH that was given various names, as Ptolemy called it AZILA which mean the beauty in AMAZIGH. Beautiful seashore town on the northwest of Morocco, Assilah is a glaring and modern little destination that provides a taste of Spain mixed with Moroccan traditions. The white homes with blue and green windows and the great walls that surround the city are by far one of the town’s main attractions. They change every year, and visitors can peddle around for hours striking from each piece of work.

Among the most prominent features: PALACE of RISSONI, the ANCIENT city, KODIA SULTAN…

As this way the final day is end so afterwards the lunch you will move to Casablanca and drop you at the airport or your hotel or any other place you like to stay in. End of 6 days Morocco tour from Casablanca



  • Tour in 4×4 vehicle/minibus with A/C
  • Fuel
  •  Driver-Guide
  • Hotel overnight stays (breakfast & dinner included)
  • 1 night in desert camp
  • Camel ride

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  • Drinks
  • Tips
  • Lunch

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