Fes excursions to Meknes Volubilis

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Fes excursions to Meknes Volubilis

You will be driven towards Meknes city via Rif Mountains after picking you up from your Fes Riad at 9:00am. Now you reach the city of ISMAAILIA the city that is famous for its imperial past that exists since Morocco was ruler by the Alawite dynasty that governed it. The mausoleum of SULTAN MOULAY ISMAIL made it the capital in the 17th century. His imperial past has remains such us the splendid gateway of Babb el-Mansour a hug door with vaults and mosaic tiles, to the south we find the Sahrij Souani also called Norias Basin is a large pond of water accumulation 319m long and 149m wide its depth exceeds two meters, and it is built by Moulay Ismail to irrigate the gardens of Meknes and its water reserve for the medina The city of kings known as the “Versailles of Morocco” left many monuments worth seeing such as the impressive ramparts, monumental gates, and the Mausoleum Moulay Ismail. At its peak of glory, Meknes had over 50 palaces, 20 doors, and a city wall that measured around 45km.  Afterwards we will visit

Volubilis, UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most important Roman sites in North Africa It is an  areas consisting of impressive and well-preserved Roman ruins, not to mention spectacular mosaics it is one of the historical monuments in Morocco, close to Meknes city about thirty kilometers. Many civilizations passed by, but ROMAN one had a great influence in it. In addition, what attract people to this city is the great wall with its eight doors and some watchtowers that built with a ROMAN touch taking the way to the holy city of MoulayIdriss, perched dramatically against the slope of Mount Zerhon, and This immerse yourself in the dramatic landscape of Morocco a three kilometers from Meknes. A city in northern Morocco was built upon the rocky hills at the base of Mount Zerhoun. It took his name from the founder of the IDRISSID state Moulay Idriss 1 engineered upon the rocky spurs of the Khyber and Tazga hills, with the buildings tumbling down the slopes dramatically. For the faithful, often this crucial place center got an annual festival in August. Following lunch, you will be driven via RIF Mountains to FES for the night in our Hotel/Riad.


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