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Traveling from Marrakech taking the way to IMLIL passing via Atlas Mountains, riding rocks and crossing Berber villages where you will have fun on the eye-catching look of the landscape. Take pleasure on a conventional supper in one of the Berber’s house before having a walk around this place. Lastly drive back to Marrakech.
Our day trip well takes its start by driving through Imlil, by driving you from your Marrakech hotel or Riad at 9:00am by our 4 WD truck or minivan for more than an hour of driving via Atlas Mountains enjoying the charming weather and the magical beauty of the nature creativity driving towards the south until we reach Moulay Ibrahim Gorges; and that what makes Atlas Mountains and Imlit day voyage one of the most stunning day trips from Marrakech if you craving to escape the city and look into the genuine and rural side of Morocco. We will discover the Gorges of Molay Ibrahim and the Berber village of Asni, which is very fashionable for its weekly market, or souk, every Saturday then moving to Imlil voyaging via exciting green valley that stays bright and verdant even during the hottest days in summer. Imlil a small town that is embraced by the Atlas Mountains specially Toubkal Mountain, it is a the core to employ mountain guides and mules owing to its unique position and its link to several berber villages and a very popular start point of treks and hikes for climbing Toubkal mountain. We are obliged to leave our 4wd car to take mules for about 40 minutes towards the south to arrive the Berber village approximately 1843 set in the higher-level foothills of the western High Atlas Mountains. A major trailhead with streams and trails branching out in all directions to get our lunch which will be served in a berber house in the village of Around. Afterwards you can take a short walk before we return to Marrakech.



Maybe the question that may cone on many visitors mind is what the dissimilarity between Ourika valley and Imlil day tour. That could be an elegant question, and we will provide you with the answer: Ourika is a very touristic magnetism among travel organizations, strangers familiar to Morocco, and locals, you would thrash about finding a parking mark in Ourika during hot days and maybe wait in line for each difficult trek, which is not that bad after all. Next, The climb in Ourika is comparatively short and needs quite some effort since you’re doing it on foot.
On the other hand, in Imlil you will ride the mules from the village of Imlil up to Aroumd where you’ll have lunch, and our host has guides that will accompany you and guide the mules all the way, this gives you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the experience, the scenery, the ride and the discussions and not be worn out. The mule journey is also a big help for the photography fanatics because you are not watching each step you take in the rocky road and you can focus on taking some extra ordinary pictures. Imlil is also fewer touristic so it is quite uncommon that you meet other tourists especially during the hike from Imlil to Aroumd apart from maybe for some professional hikers taking a challenge against the mount Toubkal.


If you decide to do this tour on a Sunday, our guide will drive you via the High Atlas Mountains stopping in the village of Ansi. You will begin the tour investigating the local weekly souk of Ansi, finding the way to the crow of local Berbers pouring from all the nearby villages to swap goods and animals and buy new vegetables, fruits and meat for their homes. You can take pictures but unconnectedly, because in Morocco, no one likes to find their faces on social media or Times Magazine in the following morning we managed to get some on our website.


In spite of having lunch in one of the restaurants at Ourika that include paying after taking, it is to apart from when you are going to have the lunch in Imlil; it is automatically built-in and it’s not in a restaurant, but in the heart of the nature because we work with a wonderful local family and offer our clients an overwhelming lunch on a open terrace with an extremely wide view over the whole. Following lunch, you will be helped digesting by a break of tea before taking a small walk into different trail and trip the mules again whenever you feel like it.

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