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We will investigate the Red City of Marrakech in this instructive complete day voyage. You will find yourselves immersed at the history, art and culture of this special city, the city of cheerfulness as its been called by many people; because their people are too funny, humble, and comical. Our inspiring tour will embark on by photographing the superb Koutoubia Mosque followed by its vast square tower and shining copper globes. Walking beside the active alleyways seeing the great mosque, customary and traditional bakeries, aged lodging houses and fountains carved of wood. Paying visit to the Medrasa ben Yousef in the outstanding walled pink city such as one of the greatest theological college in North Africa. Being walking into the alleyways of the Medina enjoying the look, we will call the most interesting handiworks quarters seeing a charming show of arts and crafts in the multicolored souks before reviving the ambiance of a splendid age in the exquisite rooms. Incidentally Red Marrakech is an ideal opening point of many Marakech tours to Sahara Desert.

One of the most important monuments in Marrakech is Koutoubia mosque that built in 12th century are one of the most prominent facial appearances in Moroccon. This monument mosque was built in a traditionally style of ALMOHAD and his tower contained four copper globes. It is one of the high most stunning Mosques in the Western Muslim world. A gorgeous mosque that is equipped with one of the greatest tower in Morocco with a high of more than 60m, a HISPANO_MORESQUE that is extremely alike to the GIRALDA of SEVILLE, with a sideways span for about 12m. We find that this glorious mosque embrace six rooms one above the other that made the interior; leading around them is a slope by way of which the Muezzin could roll up to the veranda.

Al BAHIA PALACE, a magnifique place that established by Ahmed Ibn Mousa among 1894 and 1900 with the Alawi style that was fashionable in that time. It is an outstanding example of the Eastern Architectural in the nineteenth century which stands for tendency and standards of the rich that lived at that time. This individual historical palace needed seven years and thousand of craftsman from region of Fez to be prepared, but the only part which open to the public are the apartments of the sultan’s preferred concubine, the council chamber (with tiled walls and illuminated cedar wood ceiling) and the great central patio (paved with marble and decorated with zelliges and fountains).


One of the things that is let behind the sultan Ahmed al-Mansur which is now one of the most historical an touristic an Marakech is the SAADIAN TOMBS. It is recently discovered ant they were
restored by the Beaux-arts service. Due to its magical beauty and charming decoration the TOMBS have been the main pull for visitor inside the country and outside, their fragile streamer and pure architectural lines are measured by many to be a good-looking feat of architecture. Firstly this PALACE was built as a house to the tombs of the SAADIAN sultan Ahmed al-Mansour, to be one of the touristic places in nowadays. In 1591 the first “koubba” of this burial land was build south of the Kasbahs.


MENARA GARDEN covers a region of 250acres that are full of olive trees surrounding a large central pond. This historical place back to the time of 12th century which is feed by system of irrigation channels and we can find in the water’s rim a little SAADIAN exhibition area. In winter you can enjoy the beauty of that look when snow cover up peaks behind it, this is a awe-inspiring spectacle in the nightfall when it catches the golden rays of the setting sun.


Majorelle Garden or JardinBouSaf previously maintained by Yves Saint Laurent that embraces a blue villa with flowers of different types and they are a lush, garden estate; it was given as a gift to Marrakech by the French painter Jacques Majorelle and it took its name from its original creator the French expatriate artist who was born in Nancy France in 1886.. This present is overflowing with colorful walkways, ponds, cactus and plants as well as a beautiful shop with hand-made goods.


DJEMAA EL FNA, the most famous place in Marrakech. If you are one of the lovers of signers, narrators, snakes, dancing… you will find you purpose the. This historical place was a traditional gathering place for peasants and merchants from the Sous region. The high Atlas and the South are intermixed to make the center of Marrakech red city of Morocco. In the mornings we will walk around the huge square which is packed with fruit and spice sellers, between all that you will observe special men wearing traditional and attractive clothes colored by red that one is GUERRAB with his water bottles and metal drinking cups, basket sellers, ironmongers and Barbers. In the afternoons come the Gnaoua dancers descended from former Guinean slaves, musicians, story tellers, snake charmers and entertainers with performing monkeys!

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