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This day trip will take his beginning by picking you up from your hotel at 8:00am driving towards Ouzoud or Izid waterfalls in some regions means “the act of grinding grain” in Berber, about more than two hours of driving with opportunity of having a break for about 15 minutes stop to enjoy the tanks and take a superior coffee to completely wake up. Your knowledgeable drive will keep you amuse during with local anecdotes, stories about the areas you are transitory through and Morocco’s culture and customs in general. This day trip will give you the opportunity to soak the beauty of the nature in OuzoudWaterfalls, take a daring ramble through Olive groves to the source of the waterfall, Take a swim and cool off at the base of the waterfalls. This seems to be confirmed by the frequent mills in the region that were used to grind wheat for decades.


here is the line of the trip; passing first at  the petite village of Ouzoud moving towards the way observing many landscapes and memento  stalls,  starting by  ride downward the stairs past beside many cafés after having a view  above the waterfalls. A greatly look that prisons souls. We can reach the waterfalls in another way if you have a challenging spirit and good sportive shape wearing excellent boots. An outstanding unbelievable look with monkeys encounter in their house Ouzoud the home of the famous macaque monkeys, the naturally tail-less monkeys that you find performing in the main square in Marrakech. It is delightful to see them roaming free in their native habitat in Ouzoud waterfalls that offer you all the opportunity to swim and to relax. There are small boats that can take you on a tour. These ones serve up tiny practical use; however, it is easy to walk from side to other one. However, they are there for the purpose of charm.There is several lunchtime restaurants (not included) all of which have spectacular views.

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